NIUNIU Industrial elite team visit Fashion ShenZhen show 2019

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NIUNIU Industrial elite team visit Fashion ShenZhen show 2019

On July 4,the business elite team of Dongguan NIUNIU industrial co., ltd. visited the Fashion ShenZhen show 2019 at the ShenZhen convention and exhibition center.

Fashion ShenZhen show was held in ShenZhen for the first time in 2001, which has developed into an influential professional fashion exhibition in China and even in the asia-pacific region for 18 years.

Fashion ShenZhen show 2019 "brand orientation, original, commercial floor, trend leading" as the core orientation, brand for opening up the retail channel and order class enterprise's development needs, elaborate "brands" and "industry value chain" 2 large display area, through static display, the pioneer of fashion release, BBS, business docking, trends, release and design competition, industry awards, such as industry events, for exhibitors precise matching commercial channels to expand and resources necessary to brand promotion, effective practical power business success;At the same time, to provide the industry insiders with a full range of diverse exchange scene, help the industry elite to capture business opportunities, harvest professional decision-making reference.

After visiting this exhibition,our team elites have broadened their business horizons, captured business opportunities, deepened communication with elites in the same industry, and expanded business channels.

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